Collingwood beach

Legal Information

Council resolution requesting judicial inquiry
Staff Report
Terms of Reference
Application to Participate [Standing]
Information about Seeking Funding to Participate
Rules of Procedure
Ruling on Standing and Funding
Reasons and Decision on Two Applications for Additional Funding Recommendations for Paul Bonwick and Mayor Sandra Cooper
Reasons and Decision on an Application for Additional Funding Recommendation for Paul Bonwick
Response to Request for Further Funding Recommendations from Sandra Cooper
Order Concerning Production of List of Privileged Documents
Application of Edwin Houghton
Application for standing from BLT Construction
Commissioner's decision on application for standing from BLT Construction
Response to Request for Funding Recommendation from Sandra Cooper for Part II


Pam Hogg Affidavit
Cindy Shuttleworth Affidavitt
Ralph Neate Affidavit
Brian MacDonald Affidavit
Kris Menzies Affidavit
Marcus Firman Affidavit
Robert Hull Affidavit
John Glicksman Affidavit
Doug Garbutt Affidavit
Shirley Houghton Affidavit
John Rockx Affidavit
Tom Bushey Affidavit
Sandra Cooper Affidavit